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Scinet Pluss, Inc.
Sunwood Shinagawa Tennouzu Tower
2-2-25-301 Higashi Shinagawa
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
Tel: 03-5796-3868
(9:00am - 6:00pm)
Fax: 03-5796-3865

Web Design and Development
Concevoir offers services above and beyond simple web design to provide comprehensive solutions for your internet needs. Our experienced graphic design and programming teams know precisely how to use the internet to power your business. Our team will work closely with your organization to establish your company's presence on the internet, exploring both your short-term and long-term needs. With our experience and expertise, we can quickly and seamlessly develop a website that integrates your existing marketing strategies with the latest in web technology to create an attractive, unique and professional solution.

Customized layout for new websites or renewals/revamps
Database-driven system for dynamic environments (MySQL, PHP, ASP, Search engine systems etc.)
Content Management System (Ideal for Hotel, Travel, Property search engine sites)
e-Commerce system (Shopping cart, Online payment gateway, Inventory Managment, Reports for managers, etc.)
Customer Relationship Managment - CRM (Email automation integration, E-mail alerts, etc.)
Blog system (Wordpress, Moveable Type, etc.)
Online Social Community platforms (Forums and other Web 2.0 solutions with ID/PASS system)
Mail forms to receive feedback, and questions from users
Survey forms
Website maintenance services (Web contents update, Server maintenance, hosting)

Content Generation
We offer the following content related services for your organizational needs which include:

Copywriting for your site to effectively improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using keywords
Professional photography services at our studio to create graphic images
Flash Animation
Illustrations using tools such as Adobe Illustrator
Multilingual content generation from-and-to English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean by our multilingual team

Integrated Marketing and Web Analytics
SEO can increase your web site visibility. SEO is not just about placing your company high on top of the search engine for specific keyword. It involves planning, researching and analyzing the specific keywords that will bring the right quality customers to you. SEO is a process, let Concevoir bring and lead the right traffic to your website. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we can further drive the exposure of your website to appear on top of search engine results to help connect more users to your site. We offer the following services:

Online Ad Design
Online Ad Campaigns Management
Loyalty Program Management (Membership system, Reward points, Promotions, etc)
Search Engine Optimization - SEO (Optimization of search results through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, etc)
Search Engine Marketing - SEM (Placement and management of search engine advertisement such as Adwords, Overture, etc)
Advertisement placement
Keyword analysis and report

Multilingual Services
Concevoir offers multilingual services in Japanese English, Chinese, and Korean for organizations that are aiming to capture a wider international audience, whether it be for expansion to new markets or attracting overseas tourists to provide new channels of revenue for your business such as:

Translation and localization of your website between Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean with "native check" conducted by our diverse multicultural team
Customer support services to handle e-mail inquiries (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)
Call center support to attend to your potential customers (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)
Desktop Publishing (DTP) translation offered for the following: Catalogs/Brochures, Print Advertisments, Business Cards, Word documents, and Presentations

Corporate Identity - CI
Whether you are a startup company or an established organization in need of a new identity, Concevoir can help you create a professional, larger than life look and feel. Working closely with key visionaries at your company, we will help you establish an image that conveys a persuasive message about your unique benefits:

Logo and corporate image redesigns
Annual Reports
Brochures and Data sheets
Graphics and professional photography services
Corporate Presentations
Trade show/Exhibition displays
Marketing collateral (Corporate folders, Direct mail, Corporate stationary packaging, and catalogs)
Business card design

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